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The Flash Barry Allen Cosplay Costumes Choosing Guide

Flash is a DC Comics character who has been around for many decades. He is a member of the Justice League and has his own ongoing comic book series. Before becoming the flash he was just Barry Allen and he worked for the central city police department as a Forensic Investigator. He was given the gift of super speed when a freak accident exposed him to chemicals. After going into a coma, Barry awoke with his ability to run at superhuman speeds. He used his powers to solve a personal mystery regarding his mother’s death and also vowed to protect his city from anything which aims to harm it.

The Flash Barry Allen Cosplay Costumes Choosing Guide

It was only half a decade ago that a television show was made with him. American actor Grant Gustin portrays the iconic titular character. While Flash goes through suit changes often, but his powers remain the same- the ability to run at superspeeds. Cosplayers interested in dressing up as him have options of either dressing up like the TV show character or the comic book character. While the costume or suit is essentially the same in both versions, but the colors and design differ a little. In this The Flash Barry Allen Cosplay Costumes Choosing Guide, we will talk about how you can dress up as both the versions.

Here are the essential pieces of the The Flash Barry Allen Cosplay Costumes:

  • The full suit: In both the versions of the hero, the costume generally comes in one piece. Once you have decided upon which version to display, it’s time to begin building that. To make both the types authentic you can also add the Flash Ring to it.
  • Form-fitting: The suit is form fitting so you have to mentally prepare yourself for little to no exposure. If you feel like you will be uncomfortable with it, then just donning a flash T-shirt with some appropriately coloredred pants should do the work.
  • Mask: Flash’s mask covers half his face. It has eyeholes and the mask comes over his head. In previous seasons of the tv show,there was a chinstrap as well. There are a number of ways to arrange for the mask. The easiest way is to purchase a mask like that which fits like a very snug hood and leaves the mouth portion exposed. If you are making one, then make sure to put the lightning bolts where the ears should be.
  • Boots: For the TV show suit, red boots will be enough, but if you want to emulate the classic comic book suit then go for yellow boots.
  • Belt: Barry has a belt, which is shaped like lightning and it goes around his waist. The tv show version of the suit has a golden belt of the above-stateddesign, but the comic book version has a yellow belt of the same design.
  • The logo: Flash’s symbol is the lightning bolt on his chest. The easiest way to get this symbol is to either buy it or you can make one of your own as well by using a circular lightweight metal plate, then spray coloringit white with a gold border before attaching the lightning bolt on it. You can cut out the bolt from metal. But if that feels like too much work, then you can also use cardboard.

The Flash is CW’s main show and he is an A list DC Comics character. Now you can also look like him with this costume. By the way you can find the best flash cosplay costumes at


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